[ppml] Policy Proposal 2006-4: IPv6 Direct PI Assignments forEnd Sites - revised text

>> As I read this, an end site cannot be multi-homed, so
>> how can conditions 2 and 3 be simultaneously met ?
>>           2. be an end site;
>>           3. be currently multihomed using IPv4;
> We can easily strike the "end site" requirement from the policy proposal if people think that it causes confusion.

This is why the revised 2005-1 includes: To qualify for a direct assignment, an organization must:

   a) not be an IPv6 LIR; and...

So organizations that chose to be treated as an ISP under IPv4 policy 
can choose to be treated as an end site under IPv6 policy.  The purpose
of that qualifier is only to prohibit an organization from receiving
both an LIR and PI assignment.

It is a bit redundant to say you must not be an LIR and also must be an 
end site.  A reference to one or the other should be sufficient.

- Kevin