[ppml] 2005-1 or its logical successor

On 30-Oct-2005, at 10:16 , Kevin Loch wrote:

> Here's the policy I see condensing out of this:
> [summary]
>    To qualify for a minimum end site assignment of /44 you must  
> either:
>    - have an allocation or assignment directly from ARIN (and not a
>      legacy allocation or assignment)

>    OR
>    - meet the qualifications for an IPv4 assignment from ARIN without
>      actually requesting one.

I like the idea of directly linking PI v6 assignments to some  
corresponding minimum size of v4 assignment.  I think that approach  
has the potential to allow larger organizations to be early adopters  
while still limiting the number of assignments to prevent a run.   
Long term we will eventually have to find a better metric, but for  
the foreseeable future I don't think it's likely to expect anyone in  
the ARIN region to be deploying v6-only networks.


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