[ppml] trade in your IPv4 block for an IPv6?

Nice if it works out but it could also give an advantage to address
homesteaders-  Those who grabbed up IPv4 space that they did not need.
The emphasis in IPv4 allocations has been to give blocks to those that
can prove a current need as well as prove a good track record in usage.
I don't know anyone who has open blocks to give back in this period of
dual stack transitioning.

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what if someone could get PI IPv6 space by agreeing to return PI IPv4

not the same day, mind you.  within two years, perhaps.  or five years.
exchange rate would have to be established, like "if you return a V4
/16, we
will give you a V6 /48" or even "we'll give you a V6 /(49-N) for the N
/16's you return".  the goal would be to shrink or keep stable the size
the routing table in dual stacked routers, while getting V4 space back
we can use for address lifetime extension later when V4 space gets

(i'm trying to think of some early adopter advantages that would have
beneficial side effects.)
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