[ppml] 2005-1 or its logical successor

      On Thu, 27 Oct 2005, Lea Roberts wrote:
    > > So my question was whether there's anyone who, having seen the much
    > > nastier alternative, doesn't now support the original 2005-1?
    > I understand that it would be really nice if we could really reach
    > consensus to not care about the size of the IPv6 routing table, but that
    > wasn't the reality I experienced in Orlando. Routing table size was 
    > a major concern sited by those whose indicated opposition to the 
    > original 2005-1.
Right, but that wasn't my question.  I know there were people who were 
worried about that in Orlando.  My question is whether they're still 
concerned about it, _now_ that they've seen the alternative.

Which you haven't answered...  You've said what you thought then.  What do 
you think _now_, and why?

    > I hope this will help others (and maybe even you) to understand how the
    > extra stuff got piled on.

Really no concern.  Spilt milk.  Water under the bridge.  No sweat.  I'm 
not worried about history, I'm interested in the future.