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[arin-discuss] fee waivers

As the operator of a small, free exchange point I was recently hit with the
$1250 fee for an IPv6 allocation.  After several go arounds with our members
one of them stepped up to the plate and generously donated the fee to cover
it.  (Thanks HE!)

It made me think though.  Without this help we would not have gone v6 or we
would have had to implement some work around: space from a member, private
space, etc. that wouldn't have been optimum and may have been such a hassle
we would have just abandoned it.

It seems to me that it would be a good idea to extend the fee waiver ISPs
receive to end users for a time, on the current sliding scale, to encourage
adoption of v6 by everyone, not just ISPs.  My fee has already been paid but
if we're really trying to push adoption, incentives should be applied to
everyone on the same plane and not just a single "class".