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[arin-discuss] neophyte IPv6 inital allocation and fee question

On Jul 8, 2010, at 12:32 AM, <michael.dillon at> <michael.dillon at> wrote:

>> I'm going to avoid the minimun end user allocation/assignment issue.
>> I've seen that argument rage back and forth a few times on this and
>> the PPML list.  So in the interest of avoiding that occuring again,
>> I'll ignore any consideration of need for the moment.
> Unfortunately, this is fundamental to IPv6 architecture. In order for 
> IPv6 to work as planned, everyone must receive far more addresses than
> they need.
>> The crux of the issue is that the minimum allocation size by NRPM
>> doubles our annual fees to ARIN, yet ARIN's own pricing structure for
>> ISP's includes listings for smaller allocations.  This leads me to two
>> points.
>> 1) The lack of consistency is a little confusing. 
> Good point. ARIN really should stop publishing a fee schedule with
> everything
> in it because people misinterpret it as a price list where you can go
> shopping.
> It is misleading. Instead ARIN should publish separate fee schedules for
> separate classes of member in order to make things clearer.
I don't think that's the source of confusion here. I think the confusion comes
from the ISP table having prices for allocations smaller than the minimum