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[arin-discuss] neophyte IPv6 inital allocation and fee question

I raised this exact same question a few months back, you described it better


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Subject: [arin-discuss] neophyte IPv6 inital allocation and fee question

> I just posted the following as a question in ARIN's online ticket
> system, but am wondering if anyone here has any input on my question.
> (paragraphing inserted for readability.)
> Our organization, TCSN-1, is currently directly allocated from ARIN a
> /21, NET-208-64-216-0-1, and a /22, NET-208-94-140-0-1, for at total
> yearly fee of $1250.
> With the understanding that when obtaining an IPv6 allocation only 
> the greater of the two fees is charged and for the purposes of implementing
> IPv6 dual-stacked with our existing IPv4 allocation we'd like to get 
> an IPv6 allocation of equal or lesser cost than our current IPv4 allocation.
> Looking at the fee schedule at
> we see that this would be
> something in the range of a /44 - /48 allocation, which should be 
> more than sufficient for our needs for any foreseeable future.
> However in the NRPM section 6.4.3. it states that the minimum allocation
> is to be a /32.
> Does this mean that we have to increase our annual fees in order to
> obtain an IPv6 allocation far in excess of our needs?
> If so, why is there a fee schedule for allocations smaller than /32?
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