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[arin-discuss] [ppml] Counsel statement on Legacy assignments?

Not a big believer in the free market, eh?

You can delve into irrelevant analogies all you like.  However, to your 
particular point:

I did NOT say we should let market forces DETERMINE IPV4 allocations.  I 
specifically said we should let market forces INFLUENCE IPV4 allocations.

Mike Berger wrote:

> If you let "market forces" determine IPV4 allocations, small ISP's will 
> cease to exist
> altogether.  Look what happened to the radio spectrum.
> Ron Cleven wrote:
>>As a small ISP, I would never pay for more IP's than I needed to support 
>>my customer base.  If you have been living with relatively static IP 
>>space for many years, I don't think you understand the capricious nature 
>>of the current ARIN administration of IPV4 space.  Rather than letting 
>>market forces influence the number of IP's allocated, they force you 
>>through a series of detailed and antiquated templates, even requiring 
>>you in some instances to reveal sensitive customer lists.
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