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[arin-discuss] [OT] new subscribers (was: Privacy of Reassignment Information)

On Mon, Apr 10, 2006 at 04:32:09PM -0500, Brian Becker wrote:
> One might wonder how someone with such limited abilities to read EVER
> got on this list. 
> (Typing from opening day at the NEW Busch Stadium on opening day).
> Cards up by 2 bottom of the 4th. 

>From what I can tell, our hostmaster role alias just started
receiving these messages out of the blue a week ago. I'm thinking
maybe somebody did a mass-import subscription or got some mailman
database cross-contamination? I just chalked it up to me missing an
announcement about it, and the discussions were intruiging enough
that I didn't unsubscribe right away, but the flood of unsub reqs is
making me suspect otherwise now...
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