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[ARIN-consult] Oppose retiring email templates

I don't have any problems with deprecating the first class described and I'd include DMR updates.  



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If we can tussle this apart a bit. There are two classes of templates.
The first class of templates are those that do not appear to be automated.  
Those are orgs, pocs, and requests for number resources. 

The second class of templates are swips - reassign detailed, reassign simple, 
reallocate, and netmod.  These are heavily automated.

For the first class, we like to hear from you if we can deprecate the use 
of templates and use the web interface. 

For the second class, we have had start of a discussion of better ways
to handle automated and bulk submissions at the San Antonio meeting. The 
discussion leaned towards using a RESTful web interface.  Of course, if we 
were to do this, there would be ample time to agree to this approach and to 
cut over. We are not there yet.


On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 04:51:23PM -0400, Middleton, Stephen R wrote:
> Rather than write an epistle of my own; I will simply state my agreement
> with Owen DeLong, Scott Leibrand, Seth Mattinen, Rich Emmings, and Ralph
> Sims (and many others soon to follow).  
> I echo that email templates should be kept forever and that if a choice
> between web interface and emailed templates is to be made; emailed
> templates must stay.
> Thank you,
> Stephen Middleton
> Verizon Services Operations
> IP Address Management
> IP and Data Backbone Engineering
> 703-390-0778
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> They are a quick and convenient format for resource applications which  
> are easily
> automated where applicable.
> I do not believe that they should be retired.
> Owen
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