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[ARIN-consult] Call for Community Consultation - Bulk WHOIS AUP

ARIN is seeking community input regarding changes to the Acceptable Use
Policy ("AUP") for bulk copies of ARIN WHOIS data as found on the Bulk
WHOIS Request Form, available at

Presently, ARIN specifically prohibits redistribution of bulk WHOIS
data. ARIN has recently determined that under some circumstances, it may
be beneficial for one organization that has received bulk WHOIS data to
provide it, subject to ARIN's express written permission, to another
person/organization for conducting Internet operations or technical
research. ARIN would maintain oversight on the usage of the data and
require adherence to the Bulk WHOIS AUP, which the recipient
organization must also sign.

As a result, ARIN is suggesting the following addition to the AUP:

"Distribution of derivative data is only permitted with express written
of permission of ARIN and under the same terms as this AUP.”

This change would allow redistribution when the use of the data is
consistent with the AUP. The AUP with suggested text highlighted, can be
found here:

ARIN is seeking comments regarding this proposed change through the ARIN
Consultation and Suggestion Process, available at:

Discussion on this list will close at noon EDT, 14 August 09.

We welcome community-wide participation. Please address any process
questions to info at


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