ARIN-announce Message

[arin-announce] ARIN's Whois-RWS Directory Service Available 17 July

ARIN is pleased to announce that it will deploy its Whois-RWS service on 
17 July 2010. We have corrected the issues that impacted the first 
release and are now able to bring you the following services that 
provide the general public with access to ARIN's registration data:

* a RESTful Web Service (RWS)
* a NICNAME/WHOIS port 43 service
* a user-friendly web site (

When using the Whois-RWS you will notice some differences in behavior 
for certain queries and corresponding result sets on the NICNAME/WHOIS 
port 43 service. The detailed documentation on these differences has 
been updated and is now available at:

ARIN’s Directory Service for registration data has used the 
NICNAME/WHOIS protocol since its inception. The limitations of the 
NICNAME/WHOIS protocol are well known and documented in RFC3912.
Whois-RWS was created as an alternative to the ARIN Whois and will 
provide much richer functionality and capability to the community.

ARIN continues to welcome community participation on the Whois-RWS 
mailing list, and we invite you to subscribe and share your experience 
and feedback about the new service:


Mark Kosters
Chief Technical Officer
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)